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Sealed With A Kiss
When midnight sets over the sun,
And the moonlight strikes the horizon,
When the clouds alter to shades
Of pink and dark violet,
And the silent, calm, yet swift winds,
Lift your hair into the breeze,
Illuminating your undeniable beauty,
Your face radiates love and hope
To an incomparable extent;
This day, I have awaited for far too long,
And nothing shall break our bond,
It’s too strong—forever to thrive;
Not even the deadly eyes of death
Can conquer over this unbreakable love;
I love you—and more upon each day;
Within the darkest of days,
You’re always there beside me,
Even when my heart lives beneath
The shadow of cascading animosity,
And the cave of absolute turmoil,
You’re always there beside me,
Holding my hand through everything;
“I love you,” I would say;
“I love you more,” you would say;
And the battle of whom loves whom more
Begins to fill our already full hearts;
Time and again, I peer into the future,
Knowing we’re perfect until our last breath,
And even then more after—our afterlife;
When death plagues our hearts,
I wish to lie next to you, beneath dirt,
Beneath our tombstone—forevermore;
Without a doubt in this world,
My loving words to you,
Shall live within your mind,
And upon our forever tombstone:
“My heart lies in the grasp
Of my one true love—Heather,
And I say this—sealed with a kiss.”
Category: Poems and Short Stories | Added by: Kyle (2009-09-26) | Author: Kyle
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1 KayKay  
Very well written. Your love is a lucky girl to have such a great poet in her life. happy

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